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Professional WiFi Installation for Homes and Businesses in Metro Detroit

Professional WiFi Installation for Homes and Businesses in Metro Detroit

Wireless Without Distress: High-Quality WiFi Solutions

WiFi has become near-universal in our daily lives, both professionally and personally. But without the proper network infrastructure, we leave ourselves vulnerable to slow connection speeds, security vulnerabilities, and other costly inefficiencies.

At home or in the office, there is never a good time for unreliable internet. That’s why the professionals at Peekaboo Security Cameras are here to bring our cutting-edge industry knowledge to you. We can provide efficient and high-quality WiFi installation for any type of property, from high rises to home offices. Wherever you need fast and reliable internet access, we are there to help provide it.

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Professional WiFi Solutions

A strong WiFi network infrastructure is an investment in your organization’s future. At Peekaboo Security Cameras, we understand the best resources to use for your network installation, including the most recent technological innovations. We can tailor your WiFi network to your business’s unique goals and necessities, providing options that will help you maintain optimal speeds and data security.

We can design and build an infrastructure that will last for years to come and can be easily updated when new innovations inevitably arise.

Our commercial WiFi installation process involves:

  • Site survey with honest and thorough recommendations
  • Design strategy and process map to build a reliable WiFi network
  • Professional installation compliant with regulations in your industry
  • Long-term support for equipment after setup is complete

The construction of a home network is a complex challenge. Whether you build a new home wireless network, replace an existing network, or optimize an incorrectly installed one, there is a lot to manage. Configuring the WiFi in your home requires a thorough understanding the best equipment to utilize, the ideal placement of cables, and access points to achieve optimal speeds.

Many crucial components of your home rely on strong, secure WiFi infrastructure, including:

  • Security systems
  • Smart appliances
  • Home office and home classroom technology
  • Entertainment systems
  • VoIP phone lines and smart devices

Key Benefits of WiFi Installation with Peekaboo Security Cameras

At Peekaboo Security Cameras, we are equipped to take on projects large and small, commercial and residential. We have the experience to ensure that you have the most reliable coverage for your property with optimal network design. Plus, we only use the latest and most trusted equipment in the industry, including Cisco, Ubiquiti, and Linksys.


As a team with years of experience in the fields of both computer networking and security, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with a WiFi network that can protect your valuable data. Your security matters to us—that’s why we’ll always be there to repair or replace any equipment we install.

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Peekaboo Security Cameras: Professional WiFi Installation in Metro Detroit

Our team proudly uses our knowledge and expertise to connect businesses and homeowners in southeast Michigan with the best wireless networks available. We strive to go above and beyond, providing professional installation with world-class customer service. Get it done right the first time with commercial and residential WiFi installation from Peekaboo Security Cameras.

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The experts at Peekaboo have 10 years of clean, professional installation experience. We offer returns, if there is ever an issue in the future.

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