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Video Intercom Systems in Metro Detroit

Video Intercom Systems in Metro Detroit

Communication for Commercial Security

When someone arrives on your property, you need a way to ensure that they are authorized to be there. That’s why a strong security plan requires strong channels of communication, whether that means giving employees a way to screen visitors or allowing tenants of residential buildings to identify and chat with arriving guests.

With a video intercom system from Peekaboo Security Cameras, you can safely and easily manage permissions, communicate with clarity, and provide continuous contact with security teams in the event of an emergency. We offer you the power to reduce liability and protect your assets with next-generation video intercom systems for commercial security.

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Benefits of Installing a Video Intercom System

Our video intercom systems are easily integrated into other access control measures and provide an extra dimension of safety above audio-only intercoms. When you add a video intercom to your commercial security plan, you gain:

  • Industry-leading technology from our trusted brand partner, Aiphone
  • High-definition video to quickly and accurately identify visitors
  • Integrated security layers that are easily managed via mobile app
  • Customizable coverage that scales to your facility’s unique needs
  • Freedom, control, and flexibility to manage access from anywhere
  • Networked solutions that can be used in locations that are otherwise difficult to monitor, such as parking garages and remote areas

Video Intercom Solutions for Diverse Applications

Commercial operations of all stripes can benefit from incorporating a video intercom system. Whether you need to protect your apartment building’s tenants, the students using campus facilities, or the proprietary information you’ve built your business on, a video intercom system can help you achieve that goal. Peekaboo Security Cameras has proudly installed video intercom systems in a diverse range of industries.

We install Video Intercom Solutions in a diverse range of commercial industries:

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Government facilities

Automotive manufacturing plants

the inside of a building

College campuses

a large brick building

Apartment buildings

a small house in a parking lot

Banks and other financial institutions

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See the Difference: Peekaboo Security Cameras in Metro Detroit

Are you interested in learning more about how a video intercom system can help you protect what’s important to your organization? Get in touch today for more information about our services, including honest and professional site assessments plus FREE ESTIMATES!


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