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Professional-Grade Audiovisual System Installation in Metro Detroit

Professional-Grade Audiovisual System Installation in Metro Detroit

Well Executed Media that Makes a Difference

Our audiovisual (A/V) division specializes in all areas of your commercial and residential media needs. From nightclub audio systems to optimized office conference rooms, we do it all. We guarantee professional, licensed, and insured work for projects large and small. Whether we’re mounting a big-screen TV for your home theater or transforming your office space into a hub of productivity, let us help you get the most from your technology.

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Professional Audio-visual Services

We pride ourselves on unmatched customer service that lasts. Call Peekaboo Security Cameras today for more information about our DVR Router setup and other integrated security services, including thorough consultations and free estimates.

Our commercial A/V services include:

  • TV mounting and de-mounting (single mount or multiple mounts)
  • Support for cable packages across multiple TVs in bars, restaurants, fitness centers, and more.
  • High-quality audio cabling for live performances and ambient music
  • Network servers
  • Intercoms
  • Video conferencing and data networking
  • Structured voice and data cabling

Peekaboo Security Cameras is here to help you make the most of the media in your home. With professional home audio-visual installation, you guarantee reliable and immersive multimedia capabilities for years to come. As homes get smarter and their wiring more intricate, trust the professionals to get the job done right the first time—so all you have to worry about is who gets control of the remote.

Our residential A/V services include:

  • Video projectors
  • Surround sound
  • Whole house audio & home theater system installation
  • Home cabling for TV & Internet (Coaxial, Ethernet, Fiber optic)
  • TV mounting and de-mounting
  • Support for switching cable, phone, and internet providers

Why Choose Peekaboo?

At Peekaboo Security Cameras, we strive to be your partner throughout the installation process and beyond. With carefully considered A/V solutions, we provide systems that do exactly the work you need with optimal cabling and networking. We are here to help you design and execute an audio-visual layout that will meet the demands of your business—or make your home entertainment dreams come true.

All this comes backed by 24-hour emergency service and unparalleled long-term support. We will always return to troubleshoot, repair, or replace your equipment, for the life of your equipment’s warranty and beyond.

Peekaboo Security Cameras: Connecting Metro Detroit to Success

Our team proudly uses our knowledge and expertise to connect businesses and homeowners in southeast Michigan with the best A/V solutions available. We strive to go above and beyond, providing professional installation with world-class customer service. Ask us today how we can transform your space with our high-quality audio-visual services.

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The experts at Peekaboo have 10 years of clean, professional installation experience. We offer returns, if there is ever an issue in the future.

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