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Security Camera and Wiring Services in Metro Detroit

Security Camera and Wiring Services in Metro Detroit

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Gain the comfort that safety brings

Securing your property is important to protect your family, your employees, and your belongings. Getting professional security and wiring service from a reliable provider is necessary to ensure continuous protection. Peekaboo Security Cameras has service offerings from security camera installation and repair to wiring and phone setups in the Warren and Metro Detroit areas.

Peekaboo’s Professional Security System Services Available in Metro Detroit

You can’t be everywhere or see everything that happens on your property. A security camera system can help you monitor your property and deter crime. Surveillance cameras will also monitor and record what happens outside and inside your buildings in case anything goes wrong. Professional CCTV installation from Peekaboo Security Cameras ensures greater security for your property.

What good is a surveillance camera system that doesn’t work? If you are noticing issues with performance, connection, recording, or other problems, it’s time to call for backup. The security camera professionals at Peekaboo can help diagnose and repair any issues with your CCTV system. Keep your system running and protecting your property with a company that has been serving the Warren and Metro Detroit area for more than 10 years.

A reliable digital video recorder (DVR) is necessary for the proper functioning of all video surveillance systems. A professional DVR setup will ensure you have complete access to current and recorded video footage. Never pay for a subscription while using your DVR system installed by the experts at Peekaboo Security Cameras.

The options for phone services continue to expand. Both businesses and families are increasingly choosing to make their calls over the internet instead of through a traditional phone line with VoIP. When you get a professional phone setup from Peekaboo Security Cameras, you gain call quality and increased data encryption for your office or home communications.

Security needs to be functional to protect your employees without creating an overwhelming burden. With a state-of-the-art access control system from Peekaboo, you can restrict and monitor who enters your facility. Create a safe place for your employees by authenticating someone’s identity before they enter. Our team will discuss your needs, assess your workplace, and install the right system for your business.

Strangers can be unpredictable. Your business or home needs a way to check who wants to enter before allowing them into your building. Maintaining a strong, comprehensive security system includes screening visitors, tenants, or clients before granting them access. Monitor your entrances while remotely communicating when necessary through a reliable video intercom system from Peekaboo Security Cameras.

Interruptions in your network connection grind your work or relaxation down to a halt. Both businesses and homeowners need to limit inefficiencies with a reliable low voltage cabling system. The networking professionals at Peekaboo Security Cameras will design and install a low voltage system that coordinates your security cameras, AV system, telecommunications, and more.

Media is either seamless or a headache. Thankfully, our audio and video (AV) services offer solutions for all your media needs. Do you need a functional conference room prepared for remote visitors or presenters with all the video and audio playback options? Is your hall, club, or auditorium in need of a professional audio system installed by licensed and insured technicians? Look no further than Peekaboo Security Cameras.

WiFi surrounds us no matter where we are. We’ve come to expect reliable wireless internet access in classrooms, offices, coffee shops, homes, commercial businesses, and more. However, WiFi presents several security dangers for hosts and users if not installed properly. Avoid malicious attacks and inefficiencies when the certified and licensed professionals at Peekaboo Security Cameras handle your WiFi installation.

No one likes limits. Imagine being upstairs or too far from the “sweet spot” in your office and not having internet access. A WiFi network needs to be reliable for the whole area to make sure everyone has access when they need it. Enjoy high-speed, consistent access when you have a properly set up by the long-range wireless experts at Peekaboo Security Cameras.

Address Your Security and Wiring Needs with Peekaboo Security Cameras

Gain the comfort that safety brings. Whether you are looking to protect your business or home, our security cameras and access control systems will ensure you have control over your property. From security to wiring needs, Peekaboo Security Cameras has you covered. Give our team a call today.


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The experts at Peekaboo have 10 years of clean, professional installation experience. We offer returns, if there is ever an issue in the future.

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