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Protecting the Detroit metropolitan area with security cameras, surveillance systems since 2004

 At Peekaboo security cameras, Inc. we are committed surveillance company which strives to provide excellent services to customers. We pride ourselves on coordinating with the local law enforcement and other security agencies to work efficiently towards providing customers with security and peace of mind, safety and protection of their property. The company's primary goal is to offer comprehensive video surveillance security systems (VSSS) to consumers within the Detroit metropolitan areas. 
 Detroit security camera systems provide assurance and security to a single individual, neighborhoods, businesses, learning institutions, churches as well industrial areas. In addition to that, surveillance systems in Detroit can provide solid evidence in any occurrence and act as a deterrence mechanism for robbery, home invasion, vandalism or any criminal action committed on any property.

Consider the following steps;

1)Contact one of our company's technicians and speak with them to prepare a free no-obligation estimate.

2) An expert will then visit the project site to carry out consultation and estimation. They will ask you a few questions regarding what solutions you would like in a security system. After that, the technician will take the measurements and visuals of the project to better the installation process.

3) We will then provide a free drawing plan of the project to give you a first hand impression of the system's design together with an estimate of the costs of installation. The layout plan will exhibit coverage of areas needed for camera surveillance, access control for entry and identify the zones required for an alarm system.

If the proposal is acceptable and you are contented with the layout, the technicians will start the process of installation. Residential Home Surveillance Systems in Detroit and the Suburbs

It's high time criminals got outsmarted. One reason that would make a person put on hold getting a home surveillance system is actually the thoughts of less interest to make from such kind of an investment. But if the value of what security surveillance system can provide is taken into account, many people would truly help prevent loss in an investment such as a home or any property within the home including their loved ones. In Addition to that, getting a security surveillance system installed in your home would provide you with evidence and record of any activity done around your residence. Not only will your dwelling have a record of every activity around the property but you will be able to carry out your own investigation into the subjects responsible for a loss rather than relying on the local authorities whenever loss occurs.

With this security surveillance firmly installed on your property, you can examine the system and identify people who keep on messing up with your property. Ever wondered how on earth a dent got on your vehicle packed in your driveway? Ever wondered if somebody went through your mailbox? Believe it or not, a lot of identity thefts occur from people trespassing on others’ property. Covert one security, inc. has years of experience in every possible group of criminal activity and civil cases of neighbors trespassing on others’ residential property. Detroit security surveillance camera system installations can create a huge change in a neighborhood.

Video Surveillance Cameras installation is another phrase used to describe Security Cameras Installation or Surveillance Cameras installation which all mean CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). Located in the Detroit metropolis with a central office in Warren, MI, Covert one security specializes in security solutions. The company carries out video camera installation in many manners depending on the security solution required. The technicians at Peekaboo Surveillance can carry out security camera installation ranging anywhere for a 900sq ft to 120000sq ft business or home.

Gone are the days when video surveillance camera picture viewing was poor and hard to make out every detail. Advanced technology in video surveillance is now making an impression with excellent performance and quality imagery. Video cameras have advanced in numerous ways initially entering the market in the form of an analogue format then subsequently evolving to digital and IP formats. According to a certain internal investigator, just a decade ago, they could use Analogue recording devices which consisted of a security camera plugged into a VCR recorder with a video tape. The most they could tape was 24 hour shifts. If they were to carry out investigations into internal thefts and the tapes were taped over or not changed, they would lose significant evidence in the case. He further says that in a professional office of a crime investigator, they would literally scrutinize about 500 to 1000 video cassette tapes in a library of evidence. They were to label every investigation on each video tape! That's the extent at which work was difficult.

Fortunately, Digital Video Recorders with the capability to compress data on a 5:1 format and save multiple camera signals to a hard drive are now available. The larger the space on the hard drive the more data you can save. It is very easy to conduct a search on your DVR or NVR these days than the era of video cassette tape search. If you are out of town, perhaps on a business trip or vacation, you can now rest knowing that the data of every event which might occur in your residence would be safely stored in the DVR. If you have the internet remote viewing setup on your surveillance camera system, you could in fact download any evidence to your Smartphone or laptop depending on the capacity of its hard drive.

Security The term security can be basically defined as the degree of protection or resistance to harm. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset for instance a human being, home, community, country or business.

What Is CCTV? CCTV is an acronym that stands for the phrase ''Closed Circuit Television'' which is a system of surveillance cameras all connected to one monitoring system. However, it should not be confused with broadcast television as the signal is not openly transmitted. Even though nearly all video cameras fit this definition, the term normally applies to those used for surveillance in areas that may require monitoring.

Surveillance cameras have been around for longer than we may know. Security cameras have been available since 1942, and in use since the 1960s.
The very first security camera was installed in Germany on a V2 rocket by an engineering company. Yes, it was used not for crime prevention but to watch the launch of a rocket.  
The security camera was designed and installed by the Germans engineer Walter Bruch.
In 1992, 20 years after Walter Bruch developed the first camera, a security camera made its appearance in Olean, New York, USA. The city installed security cameras in a business district to help fight and deter crime.
The banking industry was the first industry to adapt security cameras – no surprise there!
In 1996, Axis Communications released the first IP camera.  
Today, in the US, video security cameras are used ubiquitously, but how prevalent?
Only 9% of consumers today own a security camera.
Yet, around 67% of burglaries can be deterred by installation of security cameras.
The average citizen appears on a security camera over 300 times a day – If you wonder why, look back at point 9.
Approximately 25 million surveillance cameras are operating around the world.
Many industries use surveillance or security camera systems to monitor areas where it is not safe for humans or entry is not possible – i.e. nuclear power plants and chemical factories – more industries could use this, aka mining.
Criminals also use security cameras. For example near ATMs to record your PIN number and bank information or to monitor behaviour – comings and goings of individuals.

Wired CCTV systems connect the camera to the recording device and monitor while using either standard coaxial cables, Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables or fiber optic cables. The image data is normally transmitted over a coaxial cable. The signals transmitted over the coaxial cable are then fed into a monitor or a set of monitors if the image is required to be visible in varying locations. Wireless CCTV systems on the other hand are not quite distinct from their counterparts only that they use a radio transmitter that is normally attached to the camera and a radio receiver that is affixed to the input on the computer or monitor system. Wireless systems are practical when the distance between the camera and the monitor is too far to be practical for a cable run.

How To Secure Your Home The question as to how one can secure their home is common with many residents. One of the things that people would want to know is how to install surveillance cameras in their homes. With three easy steps, you can have a surveillance system installed by professionals at Covert one security,. They will utilize intuitive equipment to help monitor your property from any location through remote internet surveillance by using the software that comes with the equipment. As a parent for instance, you can simply press a few buttons on your cell phone and within seconds have a visual of your child entering home after school. The company will install a security system that will provide you with the CCTV security to cater for all of your interests.

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We are an insured and licensed establishment that provides Detroit CCTV security solutions. We install an extensive range of surveillance cameras, digital video recording systems (DVRs and NVRs) which include wireless solutions and supplies for internet remote viewing. The recording systems can retrieve a recording of up to 6 months of footage time and help users to watch their premises through the internet day and night from around any corner of the globe.

Peekaboo security cameras, provides quality services at a reasonable price and it has taken the first initiative in providing the latest surveillance systems in Detroit, Flint as well as Toledo, OH. The equipment provides groundbreaking solutions in the market of video security surveillance within the region.

Commercial Security Surveillance Camera Installation in Detroit In an emergent economy, the significance of maintaining a gainful business is the ability to stay on top of the game of supply and demand. The growth of business primarily depends on communication and work performance. With the growth of the internet, having a better rank in trade is critical to maintaining a successful business model. This will enable your organization to be trusted for value and integrity. Successful establishments within the Detroit metropolis comprise of numerous faces that include client service. Many times cases have been witnessed whereby a company is forced to deal with embarrassment due to misrepresentation by an employee. Having a Detroit Commercial Surveillance Camera System fitted in the office will not only boost productivity but also save your business huge amounts in losses. Peekaboo Surveillance, Inc. has one of its partners that has a specialty in the area of Loss Prevention who carried out an investigation into criminal activities within a workplace. Upon completion of the probe, he discovered the costs involved when deceitful employees manipulate profits and in many cases embezzle lots of cash of revenue from an organization. The end result is always a huge loss ultimately forcing a business to close down.

In addition to that, a dishonest client might decide and report a false insurance claim or better still, an employee can make their mind up and claim bodily damage by the property of a company. Without a Video Surveillance System in place, this could cost an organization millions of cash. However, with a flat initial fee of about 2 to 5 percent of the total cost, a company can have a Video Surveillance System installed by Peekaboo Surveillance, Inc and steer clear of multiple potential lawsuits or thefts. These trivial lawsuits can eventually ruin the growth of any business and cause losses until a company is forced to close down. It is important that business owners take advantage of the price reduction of the security surveillance systems and ensure their properties, families and employees are safe all the time. They should be determined to have control over possible losses.

Once a business recognizes the amount of immediate savings that the CCTV solution can bring about, then the awareness of responsibility will be attracted. In a commercial setup, running a business that lacks a CCTV Camera Surveillance System can be regarded as close to irresponsibility. Peekaboo Surveillance, Inc. is recommended for any security surveillance needs for an establishment. The professionals will take time, listen to your security concerns and then provide you with a lasting solution. Plus, they will also provide you with all the necessary information so that you can understand the security Surveillance System well. Not only is it imperative that you learn the system thoroughly but also that you only select trustworthy employees so that your establishment can flourish.

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