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Protect Your Business and Residential Property in Metro Detroit with a Professionally Installed Security System

Here at Peekaboo Security Cameras, Inc., our goal is to provide the metro Detroit area with quality surveillance equipment installed with the highest level of service excellence. We coordinate with local law enforcement agencies so you can rest assured that your home or business is safe. Since 2011, we have provided comprehensive security camera video surveillance and wiring services to customers in Warren, MI, and the Detroit Metro area.

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Benefits of Residential and Commercial Wiring in Metro Detroit


From losing a package to facing a break in, home and business owners have many reasons to seek help protecting their property. A security camera system is perfect for individual homes, neighborhoods, churches or places of worship, businesses, industrial parks, and more. A quality surveillance system installed by trained, experienced professionals will help deter vandalism, robbery, or other crimes from taking place on your property.

Since our opening in 2011, we have chosen the most experienced and trained professionals to serve our clients. We are an insured and licensed company providing the Warren, MI, area with a wide range of security solutions. Our process begins with a free estimate, including an honest and detailed scope of work and a map of your new system. We offer a 3-year warranty on most of our work, so you can have peace of mind long after installation is complete. When you choose the Peekaboo team, you can trust in our quality installations and repairs.

a tall building on a city street
a tall building on a city street
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a building with a store on a city street

Services Peekaboo Security for Your Home and Business Protection in Warren, MI

Are you going away for a vacation or the holidays? Do you have packages that go missing before you get home or back to the office? Then you need the protection that security cameras and quality electrical wiring provides for you. Peekaboo Security Cameras, Inc is your go-to provider for homes and businesses in the Warren area.

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The experts at Peekaboo have 10 years of clean, professional installation experience. We offer returns, if there is ever an issue in the future.

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